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Trainers who Participate in Socialization Parties (TPSP) aka "The Puppy Socialization Parties": New Puppy Sign Up!

Attention New Puppy Owners!!!

If you would like to bring your new puppy to a TPSP endorsed "puppy party", you have to be invited by either the TPSP or one of it's trainer/veterinarian members (see a complete list of members in your area, by clicking on the "TPSP Members" section of this website). This policy is not to exclude anyone but strictly for the safety of our puppies. We must know the age and health of every puppy in attendance.

If you were invited by the TPSP through your veterinarian's office or by responding to a TPSP advertisement and are interested in attending a local "puppy party", please call us at 1-800-777-5148. Once you speak to one of our representatives, you will be asked to completeour quick registration form. It's that simple!

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