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Trainers who Participate in Socialization Parties (TPSP) aka "The Puppy Socialization Parties": TPSP Members


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FOUNDER, DIRECTOR Known for his inimitable ability to modify a dog's behavior from the inside out, Jeffrey Brian is a veterinarian recommended behavior specialist and professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT # 67243), an organization which prides itself with a mission toward enhancing the human-canine relationship through education and dog-friendly training.

Jeff is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP # A-2598) as well as the founder of the non-profit TPSP (TPSP #1) Trainers who Participate in Socialization Parties, an organization comprised of professional dog trainers and licensed veterinarians who have joined together in the interest of puppies everywhere to help facilitate the all-important socialization process.

In addition, Jeff is the creator of the "Dogs in Recovery" program which is a 12-step program/support group for owners of dogs with aggression issues. Not only that, Jeff has developed a Zen like application for training called the "Karma Dog Training Method", that is considered among his clients to be the most gentle, effective and enlightened approach to puppy/dog training available.

Jeffrey is also quickly becoming a rising star in Hollywood. He and his 3 male pit bulls - Brian, Louis and Scottie - were featured in the full-length documentary entitled "American Pit Bull" produced by Oscar nominated Braverman Productions. His first book entitled "A Walk Towards Heaven" will be published by the end of the year. Most recently, Jeff appeared on "The Denise Richards Show" on E! Entertainment, featured as a guest trainer.
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Born and raised in New York, Jeffrey's ability to empathize with what an animal is feeling had always been commonplace to him, but it wasn't until he rescued 3 male pit bulls from a life of being at best guard dogs, and at worst fighting dogs, did his awareness expand to the higher understanding that from an energetic standpoint, these extra sensitive animals will become exactly what they are given.

Jeffrey studied this mastery earnestly and he started working on an advancement in the way we consciously interact with our canines, one which would support a new paradigm in the dog world. His philosophy that training dogs can be done without force or physical punishment was the foundation for his priniciples but more importantly was a purposeful awareness of the process used to achieve any desired change.

Acknowledging his twin brother's admonition to "Give Him More Love!", Jeffrey adopted the foundation for all of his training with what he now calls "Karma Relating."

Karma is action, and the law of Karma says that in every moment of our life, we have access to an infinity of choices. But there is one choice that it is karmically appropriate and that is the choice which brings joy to the choice maker and brings joy to those that are affected by that choice.

From this understanding, he created the "Alpha Angel" principle of intention. A principle that says: True Leadership is where someone is truly looking out for your highest good and it's very easy to follow that energy. By creating an environment where both the human and the dog are consistently experiencing feelings of well-being, harmony and balance, total fulfillment becomes not only the end result, but becomes the process as well.

For years he assiduously researched hundreds of books on domestic dogs and personally learned from the most venerable dog trainers in the dog world including Cesar Millan and Paul Owens, but it was through his own perception and first-hand experience raising 3 male pit bulls, without ever resorting to a choke collar or a crate, that over time Jeff developed his own caring approach to training —resulting in smiles and wags all around.

Having kept a daily journal of the progress he was making, his first book "A Walk Towards Heaven - The Life, The Lessons & The Legend", began to write itself.

With a loving family of 3 pit bulls by his side, he continues on a joyous journey where each new day is an exploration of how deep unconditional love can be. "A Walk Towards Heaven" (pictured to the right) could be in book stores by spring.

Jeffrey Brian
(512) 937-7281
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